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The President/Owner-Ernie J. Ramos is a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser in the State of Illinois, with a degree in Computer Electronics, from DeVry Institute of Technology. He received his Illinois Certified Residential License in late 2005 and achieved his Certified General License(highest license available), soon after in 2008. Mr. Ramos has over 15 years of commercial and residential experience. He grew up in the SW areas of Chicago and suburbs, now a resident of Mokena after over 30 years in Cook County, being a previous resident and still a property owner in Oak Forest. Prior to Advanced Appraisal and in the early stages of his licensing and certifications, Mr. Ramos was mentored on the residential side by an IFA designated member as well trained under the Supervision and Mentorship on Residential to Commercial properties, under the late and great Robert W. Schlitz MAI, CAE, RES, in Chicago's Beverly neighborhood. Mr. Schlitz was also a former Director of Commercial and Residential Real Estate, for the Cook County Assessor in the 1980's to early 1990's, and known as one of the absolute top tier experts in the real estate appraisal field. 

The extensive experience and current areas of expertise includes all types of Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties in regards to Assessment Appeals, Partnership Dispersion, Estates, Divorces, Indemnity cases, Mortgage Finance Transactions as well as other various litigation work. Mr. Ramos has operated Advanced Appraisal Associates, Inc., since 2006, is a member of ICAP(Illinois Coalition of Appraisal Professionals) and is a current NAIFA (National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers) Designation Candidate with the NAIFA recently merging with the ASA (American Society of Appraisers) the largerst multi-discipline appraiser organization, in the world. 

Mr. Ramos and Advanced Appraisal has a long list of long time clients from local lenders, well known area real estate agents, private owners, attorneys, credit unions to government entities. 


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