Trainees and Contract Appraisers



  • Our profession is aging rapidly, with very little new blood coming into appraising.  We always consider taking on a trainee(with license) so we can pay our profession forward, by sharing the wealth of residential, commercial and technology aspects we have learned. 

  • Any candidate we would consider must not be taking appraising on as a hobby or a career after retirement. Also the individual must be extremely familiar or local to the Chicago and South Suburban market areas, must be tech savvy as well as understand the attention to detail and basic hustle it takes to be a success in this business. 

  • Any trainee or potential in the country needs to listen to this Podcast from our friends at The Real Value Podcast.



Contract Fee Appraisers


  • We are at times looking for local area Certified Appraisers to partner with, to assist with some of our Residential and Commercial assignments. We perform a lot of private assignments for Divorce, Estate, Listing, Assessment Appeals and similar. We are looking to expand assistance on our Multifamily side, in a big way. Any prospective partner or contractor must also be tech savvy, be a "mobile" appraiser or interested in becoming one, must have an interest in bettering themselves and expanding their knowledge at all time, supporting their opinions, adjustments and work product, at all times. 

Want to be a real appraiser? Appraiser position.

Want to be a Real Appraiser?

  • If you want to be a real appraiser and not just a form filler, or an AMC's  home appraiser, contact us if you have some value you can bring to Advanced Appraisal.