Estate, Trust and Divorce Appraisals


Estate and Trust Appraisals


Whether the value needed is for a current market value to make important Estate/Trust Decisions, or a retrospective analysis for a settlement for the IRS, we understand the importance of a proper and thorough valuation for the intended users of the appraisal report. We are experts in these types of valuations and promise we will provide you with service and quality that cannot be matched. We also do work for the IRS so are 100% aware of the IRS requirements often needed in these situations. 

Divorce Appraisals


Due to our litigation type work experience and network we have become very involved with Divorce Appraisal work for Residential to Commercial properties in our local markets. We understand these are tough, emotionally difficult, life changing and often unfortunate events, affecting families. As such we take great pride in being the neutral party in the situation. We are often hired by one particular side or sometimes we are hired by both parties to complete a single valuation. We practice and promise to express nothing but respect and professionalism throughout the process no matter which side we are hired by or both, no matter the situations we are placed in.

If you have any questions about the process or our services please reach out via our contact us section or by phone.